About Us

Who are We?

Some community members used to believe that we were a huge corporation that decided to create a trading tool. While we did create a trading tool, we’re just a small team of a few friends who were always interested in how trading worked since it was only held with physical assets.

We didn’t think that trading would evolve to what it is today, but it certainly was a great surprise! Nowadays, anyone with internet access can easily create a trading account and a Bitcoin wallet, allowing them to dive into any platform that they want for trading.

However, this has also opened the opportunity for many scammers to take advantage of beginners who don’t know anything about trading or Bitcoin. Beginners often think that trading is a “shortcut” to becoming wealthier, and these scammers take advantage of that.

To clear up everything: Trading is not a shortcut to becoming wealthier; it’s a complex activity that people do whenever they want to invest in a particular asset. Due to its complexity and unpredictability, not everyone has been able to see great results, which demotivates them.

We believe that trading isn’t easy by any means, but it can be accessible to everyone. We saw trading apps as an opportunity to give beginners and experts the right tool to trade without any unnecessary details and procedures that usually take time.

After realizing that, we hired some experts on app and web development and started to create the Bitcoin Aussie System app, which you can now access for free!

What is the Bitcoin Aussie System?

In traditional trading, you normally have to spend some hours monitoring market data to find a fair trade. While that’s not an issue for most people, it can be overwhelming for traders who have other things to do during their day.

The Bitcoin Aussie System app helps by providing an algorithm that does most of the monitoring process for you. To get it to work, you have to give it your trading input so that it can find appropriate trades based on your criteria.

Thanks to this, you can spend more time doing other things you like or investigating Bitcoin instead of spending several hours looking at your computer screen. This works for both beginners and experts since the process works the same way regardless of the trader and their goals.

We Want You in Our Team

The journey may be hard initially, but we promise that it gets a bit easier every day. If you keep up at it for enough time, we’re positive that you can become a great trader. If you want to join our team and start using the Bitcoin Aussie Systems app, sign up below!